Story That Drives

Never let go of your day dreams till the time you have matched them in real.

With this we founded Sparkling Canvas during 2018.

The idea was not to be grounded from Day One, rather to keep us reminded about our happy sparkles those are yet to be sketched in reality.

Being a strong believer in traveling, reading people’s mind, eating right & most importantly the passion of a stereo type middle-class millennial mentality to be the change agent, we @Sparkling Canvas is determined to try & follow our heart out in materializing all those sparkles of life leaving happy places for the people around.

Rasabali-The Taste Of Odisha!!!

With a humble attempt to show case the Odisha’s rich food culture across geographies, we at Sparkling Canvas has started our endeavor under the flagship named “Rasabali – The taste of Odisha”.

We at Rasabali celebrates the diversity and simplicity of delicious Odia cuisine which certainly deserve to be on the plate of every foodie who believes in “eat the best & leave the rest”.

Rasabali serves the most delectable thalis, a la carte, fusions, scrumptious desserts & refreshing beverages from the timeless classics of Odia Handisala (kitchen). Needless to mention you can put your worries to rest with our ultra hygienic kitchen rules & healthiest ever preparations safely home delivered or to be picked on the go.

We also cater to home parties, corporate orders and special events.So tap your screen & let Rasabali serve you the best ever delicacies from the land of India’s best kept secret – Odisha.

So tap your Screen & let Rasabali serve you the best ever delicacies from the land of India’s best kept Secret-Odisha.

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