appetizers/snacks, vegetarian recipes

baked samosas

Its raining !!! And it calls for bhajiyas, pakode, vades and my personal favorites Samosas.Samosas are made from a flaky pastry stuffed with potatoes and peas mixture.Imagine dunking hot samosas in tomato sauce or imli/tamarind chutney.Yum isn’t it.Now imagine making it guiltfree, replacing the unhealthy maida flour with whole wheat four and instead of frying them bake it with a…

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curries, non vegetarian recipes

chicken bhuna

Chicken bhuna is spicy, masaledaar curry which is easy to make and takes just 30 mins to make.Loads of onions, chillies and tomatoes give it that spicy tangy tingling taste.This curry can be made both sukkha/dry or make a nice gravy.Usually i add boiled potatoes to the curry which tastes equally good. I made this chicken bhuna dry  and served…

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Brocolli & carrots paratha with garlic yogurt dip

Parathas are one of the popular breakfast options in almost every home. You can try and make as many varieties of stuffed parathas, the options are endless.Some of our favourites are alloo paratha, mooli paratha, papita(raw papaya) paratha,methi paratha, i can go on and on.Parathas are typically served with plain curd, raita, pickle or dal. For us parathas doesnt only…

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curries, vegetarian recipes

rajma curry

Rajma chawal is one of many such food which is added to comfort food list. This curry can be best enjoyed with steamed rice with a dollop of ghee on top or roti/ naan. I prefer to boil the Rajma completely soft so that its easily digested.There are variety or types of Kidney beans available in the market.I normally use the…

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rice recipes

Masoor Pulao

Easy wholesome one pot meal , sure to be loved by all those who love pulaos, biryanis in any form.Variations can be made by adding veggies but i kept it simple by just using saboot masoor and potatoes. This yummy dish can be enjoyed with chilled cucumber raita or just as it is.